Transform your skin in 90 days!

Do you wish you had a mentor for your skin so you could learn how to take care of it properly and learn all the ingredients you should be using with the correct home care routine, without leaving the comfort of your home?

Wish nomore!

The Skinfit90-Skin Transformation Program will give you all the tools you need including a Skin Discovery Session, 6 products specific to your skin type, weekly video tutorials and access to all the information Rebecca Miller has learned in her many years in the Beauty and Skin industry.

SkinFit90TransformationalSkin Program

Skinfit90 will educate and lead you on a path of discovery that will ensure you LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN!

You should know though, this is a skin transformational program, NOT a quick fix, trend or fad.

We will transform your skin over 90 days and you can participate from the comfort of your own home anywhere in Australia.

In 90 days, we will have your skin healthy, functioning and looking it’s best.

Rebecca has a passion and commitment to her clients... from morning to night she pushes herself above and beyond normal customer service to offer all her clients a superior experience.

Karen Creith, NSW

Rebecca Miller has been advising me on my skincare choices for the past 18 months, and my skin has never looked better.

I’m 41 years old, and Rebecca’s advice has helped me achieve smoother, more vibrant looking skin. She has demonstrated great care, discretion, and expertise at each session, and has a wealth of knowledge to share around health and wellbeing in general. Drawing on her years of experience, Rebecca has been able to help transform not only my skin, but my food and exercise habits as well. I thoroughly recommend Rebecca as the go-to expert in her field, and I urge you not to wait another day before starting the journey to looking and feeling better inside and out.

Rachael Sheldrick, NSW

I felt completely nurtured, important and valued during the entire process.

I don't have many problems with my skin and never felt the need to use anything special until I was booked in for an advanced skin analysis. This process was amazing, I was very comfortable with my purchases knowing Rebecca had covered every possible option and prescribed me the best possible treatment. I felt completely nurtured, important and valued during the entire process.

Kasie Ferguson, NSW

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